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Well Dressed Vandals-High End Hoodlems

Photos from Well Dressed Vandals at Lo-Fi.

If you would like to see more pictures follow this link here

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Tim Andrews-Big Deal Exhibition

Last week Thursday was the opening of Tim Andrews solo exhibition Big Deal at The Gaffa.
The exhibition was astonishing, when walking through there was wallpaper covering the middle with some paintings around it and in the middle of the room was two statues which were quite morbidly beautiful which were both functioning with blood coloured water coming out of the ends of the arms. The rest of the exhibition was paintings and prints which were equally amazing.
Here are some pics from the exhibition.

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The people at &DIMES Producitons presents Ghettoblaster 5th Feb at Q-Bar

The people at &DIMES Producitons presents Ghettoblaster.

Come along see some live art collaborating this Saturday will be Pigeon Boy x Wolves & Owls and Andros x Pebblz.


Sydney’s best house party crammed into a club.

Live bands including: Doc Holliday Takes The Shotgun
Bang Bang Rock ‘n Roll

QBAR, 34 Oxford St, Darlinghurst – 9PM – $10 ENTRY

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FOUR: Featuring Rebecca Murphy, Adrian Baiada, Jenny Cuthbert and West

FOUR was an exhibition featuring some of Sydney’s most collectible young painters, Rebecca Murphy, Adrian Baiada, Jenny Cuthbert and West.
When walking in there was a sculpture hanging from the ceiling which was constructed from mixed media including string and wood.
The place was packed full of people all looking curiously at the artwork while having a bite of chicken or grabbing a biscuit and dip or jelly beans and of-course a beer or wine.
The art at the exhibition was amazing and the amount of new artworks by Rebecca Murphy was astonishing including her morbid look at care bears and her paintings on glass bottles. Wests work was quite original using stencils on textiles which were on a canvas and a few illustrations. Jenny Cuthberts works were kind of interesting showing the dark sides of society and Adrian Baiada who painted portraits of people.
The event runs until 18th of February at Monstrosity Gallery 93 Bourke St Woolloomooloo, would highly recommend going there to check it out.

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The ABSOLUT Exhibition

This exhibition was marking the last exhibitions for the absolut Stairwell Gallery series.
This exhibition had such artists as Stef Mitchell, HOBO, JUMBO, Cara Stricker, BENNETT, Lisa Zhu, Shannon Crees, The Movement, Pedestrian, COFA, The IT Collective and Arnie Arnold.
Walking up the stairs there is a vast amount of paste ups all over the walls and around the paste ups were frames in which the artworks were hung. People walking past got to bid on the artworks and the person whos artwork that got the most at the end of the night got all funds for there own solo exhibition.
Here are some pics from the night.



Bella Bruzzese

Shannon Cress

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Curvy Live art Battles Final Week Melody Li vs. Nick Sansonetti & Claire Nakazawa vs. Andros

What an epic last night of battles it was at the crowds of people came through The Galleries Victoria from christmas shopping and stopped to  watch as the contestants for the finals of Curvy Live Art Battles came onto the stage.

The first round was against freelance motion graphic designer  Melodi Li who is inspired by animation and retro illustrations aswell as images which she finds visually striking to her and Nick Sansonetti who studied at Quantum College and is inspired by street art,comics and tattoos.

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Here are some pics from the first round of the night.

The second round of the art battles had Claire Nakazawa who held her first solo art exhibition in 2009 at Oh Really Gallery in newtown and has been doing lots of murals and live art the past few years, she was versing Andros who is a street artist who is inspired by animation,graffiti,comic books and has been in one live art show for Espionage upRAW Street Party and one exhibition at Hardware Gallery.

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If you would like to see more pictures of the night click Here

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